Who we are...

Early on the discussion about founding a regional based section of the Swiss BS was started at informal meetings between fellow breeders.

Soon after these informal encounters started in 1988 in a local restaurant in Spiez, it was decided to act on these ideas. A diligent breeder had already reserved (at his own expense) a judge as well as a venue for a first show the upcoming autumn. To put the event on more even feet, it was decided to provide an official and formal mantle. The friends decided on June 5, 1988 as the official founding date for the aforementioned section.

The founder members f.l.t.r.: Gafner Gottfried, Berset Bernhard, Bircher Peter,
Beutler Rolf,  Lengen Leo, Fasnacht Samuel, Hadorn Max, Zwahlen Robert,
Holenstein Adolf, Rotzetter Jean-Pierre, Manganel Louis, Röthlisberger Heinz

On June 5, 1988, 1.30 pm at the restaurant Blüemlisalp in Alterswil the foundation meeting was declared in session. As the day’s President and day Secretary Gottfried Gafner and Peter Bercher respectively were elected.

The attendees agreed to the proposed articles of association and guidelines. The members of the newly founded section elected a board of 7 persons for a period of 2 years. To build a base for financial dealings every member bought shares in values of either CHF 50.- or CHF 100.-, which were later reimbursed. The section was always intended to be working with the SBS, a liaison to local breeders and providing feedback and suggestions to the society. Since the beginning the section lived up to the following principles:

Breeding activities:

Breeding and elevation of show budgerigars. Visit and participation to shows and exhibitions by the national association as well as the section.

Social activities:

Meetings and aviary visits, excursions and contacts among fellow breeders.

Our wishes:

We are looking to welcome friends as members that will support our principles.

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